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I love hearing from people. If you’ve got a question about a post I’ve written, if you’re interested in working with me, or if you think I can offer some kind of unique advice for your situation, use this form to send me an email. Make sure to include your own valid email address so I can get back to you – I read every single submission personally. Jump down to the contact form, or here are a few quick canned answers that might save you some typing:

“Are you available for consulting?”

Yes – you can learn more about my consulting practice on the consulting page. I usually do a combination of e-commerce strategy, systems design and automation, and conversion optimization consulting. I also occasionally dive in to some programming, specifically around Twilio implementations. If you are emailing about a consulting project, please make sure you have realistic budget expectations – my rates are significantly higher than you might pay a typical freelancer, but the results are worth it. Fill out the contact form and share some specifics with me.

“Do you accept guest posts?”

The short answer is no. This is my personal blog, so wouldn’t it be confusing if there were posts on here that weren’t written by me? I’m open to guest posts from very well qualified authors (if you have to ask…), but won’t accept any guest posts that are primarily for your own SEO benefit.

“Do you sell advertising on this site?”

Sometimes. I will occasionally accept a tasteful small banner. Typically these will run on a single post at the bottom, with the text “This post sponsored by”, or in the sidebar site-wide. Please inquire for pricing.

If none of the above answered your question, I look forward to reading your note! Use the form below to send me an email. I read every single one personally.

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